iPhone X Launch Event Sept [2017]


iPhone X Launch Event: The Future of Smartphones or is it?

iPhone X launch event pegged the iPhone X the Rs. 1,00,000 smartphone as apple claims it to be the future of the smart phones is finally here & we do this bit to check if it truly is.
iPhone X (10) is new super flagship from the house of Apple Inc. In what one would say, the apple event was lethargic at it best with no engergy on the stage when revealing Apple’s new product lines. How we miss how the almighty Steve Jobs bought all that was Apple was on stage & he was truly as impressed by the products as he expected us to be. But Nevertheless, there’s only 1 Steve Jobs and more over this is not about presentation style but the product it self.
The iPhone (1) when it was launched it was undebatable that it was a giant peek in to the future of smartphones where all other just re-engineered their phones to behave like an iPhone, while the iPhone actually took over like a storm.
IPhone X on the other hand is just about a market catch up scenario where Apple is trying too hard to stay or at least be perceived as ‘Innovative’ & ‘Futuristic’.
Lets go through the features of iPhone X one by one
1) OLED Edge-To-Edge Touch Screen
2) Face ID
3) Animoji
4) 5.8 tall screen

1) OLED Edge-To-Edge Touch Screen

While the screen itself looks AWESOME with OLED 2536×1125 pixel what Apple calls it the super retina display. What’s really disappointing is the unibrow to hold the hardware for faceID – bit stubborn from Apple – almost saying – We designed it like this and this is how it will look & because you love Apple you have to buy the iPhone X.
BTW this is not the future, Apple is just playing catch up here in the edge-to-edge screen case other’s like Samsung, Xiaomi and more are already offering products which are really edge-to-edge minus the unibrow. So can’t see the future here, but just catching up!

2) Face ID

Again we have had the Face Unlock feature with many Andriod phones in the past, so definitely not futuristic. But way cooler than the it’s competitors. It would have really been ‘futuristic’ in 2014 though 🙂 So Face ID is not something that Apple is pioneering but iPhone X Face ID only has better face recognition systems much better than the competition. Full points for that though!

3) Animoji

Futuristic? Nah! Gimmicky, Yeah!
iPhone X and it’s Animoji is more gimmicky than really being something from/for the future. Here’s a food for thought. What if the Face ID could actually se my emotions when am reading / typing my messages and suggest the best Animoji to send.

4) A11 Bionic Chip & Wireless Charging

Now this is a piece of future tech in your hands  a 6 core CPU which can perform up to 600 billion operations per second, Imagine saying 600 billion and it has already performed those many operations.  This is litterally a super power interms of comparisons with any of it’s competitor. This is true to the original Steve Jobs ‘Just Image’ what are the possibilities with so much power!
Wireless charging as we all know was being offered at least 3 years ago!
Conclusion: iphone X is definitely not the Smartphone of the future but it has the DNA to become one, while Apple plays catch up with the competitors.
Would you spend Rs. 1,00,000/- to get one? I wouldn’t – Some of these features are also available on much cheaper phones & satisfies the purpose for now!
Let us know would you spend Rs. 1Lac on this phone by replying yes or no in the comments section. Meanwhile, so check out our list of best mobiles under 40000 & you might find a few feature there as well 🙂

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