Jio mifi review

A verbose post is coming up on how to activate your Jio mifi & it’s total user experience coming up in Sept 2017


Have Started using the Jio Mifi router and boy it Runs. As far as the function of the router is concerned it’s bang on. One can take the router anywhere it goes and makes connecting to the internet easy, especially for the travelers or for people with bedrooms outside of the wifi range.

This Review is based on the Jio Mifi Router 2, Jio has 3 versions in the market, Jio Mifi 1 looks like the ones which are heavily advertised, Jio Mifi 2 slightly bigger than the earlier version looks like the below image & Jio Mifi 3 is currently undergoing testing & is available only in select markets.

<insert image>

Form Factor:

Nice, Sturdy can be easily carried in you pant’s pockets and no one will notice.  buttons Etc. easy to use.



Wifi Standard & Frequency?


<Speed test Screenshot>

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